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  1. Geometri lagi

    Let AC be a diameter of a circle w of radius 1. Let D be the point on AC such that CD=1/5. Let B be the point on w such that DB is perpendicular to AC, and let E be the midpoint of DB. The line tangent to w at B intersects the line CE at the point X. Compute AX Mohon bantuannya kak terimakasih sebelumnya
  2. Besar sudut

    Maaf, itu yg X is a point on AB... . Itu bukan X tapi F
  3. Besar sudut

    In triangle ABC, AB=AC and <ABC=50. D is a point on BC such that DC=AC and X is a point on AB such that DF parallel to AC. Determine <DCF. Mohon bantuannya kak terimakasih sebelumnya
  4. Soal geometri

    Terimakasih ko louis Terimakasih ko erlang
  5. Soal geometri

    Ko ada cara lain selain trigon gak ko? Soalnya aku baru smp
  6. Soal geometri

    Di perpanjangannya kak
  7. Soal geometri

    Isosceles triangle ABC with BA=BC and <ABC=100. If D is a point on BA produced such that BD=AC, find <BDC